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Duties:  On or before September 1 next following the publication of the results of each decennial United States census. Upon approval by the Council, these nominees shall comprise the Districting Commission. The Commission shall elect its own presiding officer. The Commission shall make recommendations to the Council concerning adjustments of the boundaries of the Representative districts. Upon receiving the Commission's recommendations, the Council shall review the population of each district, and as soon as possible, shall change the boundaries thereof as necessary to insure substantial equality in the populations of the districts. In addition, the Council may change the boundaries of the Representative districts more often than after each decennial census, as necessary to insure substantial equality in the populations of such Representative districts. All such changes shall be made in a manner which complies with the constitutional principles and laws governing voting rights of the United States and Texas. That the Commission shall perform the duties identified in the Charter, shall comply with all requirements of the laws governing voting rights and redistricting criteria within the allotted time frame, shall solicit input from the general public, and shall prepare a consensus recommendation for approval by City Council; and that all members appointed to the Commission shall serve, without compensation, until City Council adoption of a Redistricting Plan.
Qualifications:  Each Representative shall nominate one qualified voter from his or her district and the Mayor shall nominate one qualified voter from the City at large. The nominees chosen shall not serve the City in any other capacity, whether appointive or elective, nor shall they hold any other elective public office.
Seats:  That the Mayor and each of the Representatives shall appoint one member to the Commission on or before September 1, 2021, as provided by the Charter
Term:  Terms run from date of creation by Resolution (4-27-2021) and end when the work of the Commission is complete. Dissolved on April 26, 2022
Term Limits:
Contact:  Karina Brasgalla
Contact Office: Planning and Inspections
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  915-212-1604
Meeting times:  2021-2022 Adopted Meeting Schedule

Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):   Resolution 05-10-11   Resolution 04-27-21  

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 MEMBER LIST (Reflects City appointments only)

Date Appointed

Date Expires Appointed By Type
Anchondo, Daniel 8/3/2021 12/31/9999 District 7 R
Bartlett, Martin W. 8/17/2021 12/31/9999 District 2 R
Burns, Bob 8/17/2021 12/31/9999 Mayor R
Carrillo, Isabel 8/17/2021 12/31/9999 District 3 R
Esparza III, Gilbert 9/28/2021 12/31/9999 District 4 R
Fematt, Joshua 8/17/2021 12/31/9999 District 6 R
Noe, Michiel R. 8/17/2021 12/31/9999 District 5 R
Renteria, Cynthia 8/3/2021 12/31/9999 District 8 R
Villa, Christopher 8/17/2021 12/31/9999 District 1 R