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Duties:  The Committee acts as an advisory body to the Mass Transit Board and advises it on any matters over which the Board has authority. It may recommend studies, report their results, recommend expansion of the system and other matters the Committee considers necessary and appropriate.
Qualifications:  Regular members shall reside in the City. Said alternates shall be residents of the City of El Paso, but shall be nominated and appointed at large and not limited to any particular area of the City of El Paso.
Seats:  9 Regular Members (1 from Mayor, 1 per District) and 3 Alternate Members (Nominated by the Committee, Appointed by the Board). See Resolutions of 4/26/88, 3/10/92, 2/28/93, 8/10/93, 05/25/04, 08/22/06 and 2/10/09.
Term:  2 year staggered terms, with term expiration dates on November 1 of alternating years. The appointment of an alternate member shall be in effect for a term of two (2) years. Upon the expiration of said alternate term, holding over is prohibited.
Term Limits: None.
Contact:  Bri Morales
Contact Office: Sun Metro Mass Transit
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  (915) 212-6148
Meeting times:  Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 10151 Montana Avenue in the training room at 3:00 PM.

Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):   Bylaws   04-26-88   03-10-92   08-10-93
05-25-04   08-22-06   02-10-09   12-01-09  

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 MEMBER LIST (Reflects City appointments only)

Date Appointed

Date Expires Appointed By Type
Afravi , Aziz 5/14/2019 11/1/2022 District 5 R
Carreon, Sylvia 1/4/2022 11/1/2022 District 7 R
Flores, Maria C. 11/9/2021 11/1/2023 District 3 R
Hernandez, Rebecca 7/8/2014 11/1/2022 District 4 R
Laign, Phillip Thomas 3/2/2021 11/1/2023 District 6 R
Mondello, Alec W. 2/4/2020 11/1/2023 District 1 R
Steele, Mark 12/13/2015 11/1/2022 -other- A
Tamayo, Elisa Maria 2/1/2022 11/1/2022 District 2 R
Wood, Leah M. 10/12/2012 11/1/2022 District 8 R
Yañez, Rosalie O. 11/9/2021 11/1/2023 Mayor R