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Duties:  The Commission shall hold regular meetings at least once a month on a day prescribed by the Rules. Special meetings shall be held as required for the proper discharge of the duties of the Commission, due notice having been given. Five members of the Commission will constitute a quorum. It shall be the duty of the Commission to: A. Recommend to the Council: 1. Adoption of Rules for the administration of the Civil Service provisions of this Charter, and 2. Thereafter, appropriate amendments. B. Investigate matters concerning the enforcement and effect of the Civil Service provisions of this Charter in the manner prescribed by the Rules or by established Commission procedure. C. Hear and determine appeals or complaints as may be further prescribed in the Rules. D. Oversee the Civil Service provisions of this Charter ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all persons coming before the Commission. E. Appoint hearing officers. (Amended by vote of the people 5/7/94, 5/12/07, 5/11/13)
Qualifications:  Members of the Commission must be residents of the City at the time of their appointment and remain a resident of the City throughout their term of office. No Commissioner shall be related in any manner described in Article III, Section 3.3 B to any employee of the City, the Public Service Board, or any entity that has a contract with the City to operate or manage any City facility or department, nor hold any salaried public office or other employment compensated by the City, and any violation of this provision shall be deemed malfeasance in office and cause for removal therefrom. At least two Commissioners must hold or have retired from positions other than managerial or professional. No more than three Commissioners may be former city employees, and any such Commissioners are not eligible for appointment until two years following separation from the City. Any Commissioner may be either actively employed or retired. (Amended by vote of the people 5/12/07, 5/11/13)
Seats:  9 Members: (1 per District and 1 from Mayor). See City Charter Article 6, Amended 5/7/94, 5/12/07 and 5/11/13, and Ordinances 011785, 011961, and 018640
Term:  3 year terms
Term Limits: All members serving on the Commission when this amendment takes effect will continue to serve until their terms of office expire. Appointments shall be for three-year terms, provided however, the terms of all members as established on the effective date of this amendment shall be extended such that all terms shall end on January 31st of the next following year, as applicable. All terms thereafter shall commence on February 1st. Commissioners serving consecutive terms shall be limited to two full successive three-year terms, regardless of the date of their original appointments. No person may serve as a member on the Commission for more than a total of ten years throughout their lifetime and no person may be appointed as a member on the Commission if, serving out the full length of the term to which they would be appointed would result in the person having more than a total of ten years of lifetime service. The one-time extension of a term under this section to provide for the uniform termination and commencement date of the terms shall not be included in the calculation of the lifetime service of a member of the Commission. (Amended by vote of the people 5/12/07, 5/11/13)
Contact:  Mary Holguin
Contact Office: Human Resources
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  212-1242
Meeting times:  Held on 2nd Thursday of every month in City Council Chambers.

Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):   011785   018640  

City Charter- Article VI Civil Service  

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

 MEMBER LIST (Reflects City appointments only)

Date Appointed

Date Expires Appointed By Type
Arreola, Leticia 1/23/2018 1/31/2022 District 3 R
Brannon, Bobby R. 2/9/2016 1/31/2022 District 1 R
Morales, Irene 2/16/2021 1/31/2024 District 5 R
Ross, Amy 3/8/2016 1/31/2022 Mayor R
Sandoval, Luis Antonio 2/20/2018 1/31/2024 District 7 R
VACANT District 6 R
Vazquez, Victor Jr. 3/3/2020 1/31/2023 District 2 R
Wright, Holly 9/5/2017 1/31/2024 District 4 R
Yanez, Luis 2/2/2021 1/31/2024 District 8 R