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Duties:  Except for those powers granted in Section 2.20.060, the board of parks and recreation shall act as an advisory committee to the Mayor and City Council in efforts to promote close cooperation between the City and all private citizens, institutions and agencies interested in the establishment and development of parks and recreation activities. The board of parks and recreation shall advise on park naming and shall review and provide input to the Mayor and City Council on other legislative matters submitted to the board by the director of parks and recreation.
Qualifications:  All of whom shall be residents of the city and known to be interested in parks and recreation.
Seats:  Effective on October 14, 2009, the board of Parks and Recreation shall be composed of nine (9) members. Appointments shall be made by the Mayor and City Council. Each member of the City Council shall nominate one member to the board. Chapter 2.20 and Ordinances: 7021, 7671, 7672, 7791, 10872, 11469, 12557,017124 (effective 10/14/09), 017204.
Term:  Two, 4 yr terms. The initial terms of the members nominated by the Mayor and Districts 2,3,4, and 7 shall run from October 15, 2009 through October 14, 2013; Districts 1,5,6, and 8 shall run from October 15, 2009 through October 14, 2011.
Term Limits: Two Term Limit
Contact:  Rocio Rivas
Contact Office: Parks & Recreation
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  915-212-1714
Meeting times:  Second Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m., 801 Texas Ave., City Bldg. 3 Basement Level - Thorman Conference Room

Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):   7021   7671   7672   7791
010872   011469   012557   017124   017204  

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 MEMBER LIST (Reflects City appointments only)

Date Appointed

Date Expires Appointed By Type
Adjemian, Michael 6/9/2020 10/14/2025 District 3 R
Aleman, Anna 6/25/2019 10/14/2025 District 2 R
Avalos, Benjamin 1/4/2022 10/14/2025 District 4 R
Carrillo, Marcella 10/12/2021 10/14/2025 District 7 R
Delgado, Fernando 12/14/2021 10/14/2025 District 6 R
Morgades, Martin 11/12/2019 10/14/2023 District 1 R
VACANT District 8 R
VACANT District 5 R
Zuloaga, Deborah 2/16/2021 10/14/2025 Mayor R