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Duties:  The Public Art Committee (PAC) was established by Ordinance 16324, and serves as a standing committee on the Museums and Cultural Affairs Advisory Board (MCAAB). With MCAAB approval, the PAC oversees quality control of the public art program and projects and recommends the scope of a projects, artworks, and artists for the public art program.
Qualifications:  All PAC members must be qualified/credentialed professionals and represent the following: 4 members of the PAC shall be representatives of the architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning or engineering, construction or development industries; 4 members of the PAC shall be representatives of the visual arts, such as visual artist, curators, art historians or critics, arts advocates/collectors or arts administrators.
Seats:  11 Members: The Chair of the MCAAB shall appoint 3 members to the PAC, from the MCAAB, one of which will be appointed as Chair. Additional 8 members will be appointed by the Chair of the CAAB from a list of qualified citizen candidates provided by the Museums and Cultural Affairs staff and approved by the MCAAB. See Ordinance 17424.
Term:  Two year terms.
Term Limits: Two term limit.
Contact:  Rocio Rivas
Contact Office: Museums & Cultural Affairs
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  915-212-1714
Meeting times:  Second Tuesday of every month at 3:30 p.m. at 400 W. San Antonio, Suite A, MCAD Board Room.

Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):   017424  

Meeting Agendas    Meeting Minutes

 MEMBER LIST (Reflects City appointments only)

Date Appointed

Date Expires Appointed By Type
Aguilar, Sarelah 10/15/2020 10/15/2022 -other- R
Byers, Carmen 5/19/2022 5/19/2024 -other- R
Carrillo, Jesus E. 10/21/2021 10/21/2023 -other- R
Chen, Cathy 10/21/2021 10/21/2023 -other- R
Johnson, Floyd 10/15/2020 10/15/2022 -other- R
Ley, Claudia 10/21/2021 10/21/2023 -other- R
Lopez, Edgar 12/20/2021 12/20/2023 -other- R
Lucio, Glen 10/21/2021 10/21/2023 -other- R
Mireles, Alejandro 8/20/2020 8/20/2022 -other- R
Nino, Ivan 10/21/2021 10/21/2023 -other- R
Winters, Darby 2/17/2022 2/17/2024 -other- R