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Duties:  City of El Paso created the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority to directly benefit the State of Texas, The City of El Paso, and the traveling public through the improvement of the state's transportation systems in and around the City of El Paso
Seats:  7 Members. Governor of the State of Texas shall appoint the Chair, while the remaining 6 board members are nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council.
Term:  Staggered. Two (2) Year Terms. Initial Board includes 3 members with one (1) year terms and 3 members with two (2) year terms. The initial term for the Chair is also a two (2) year term. All Terms expire on February 1st of their respective year.
Term Limits: None
Contact:  Raymond Telles
Contact Office: City Manager
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  (915) 212-1072
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Enabling Ordinance(s)/Resolution(s):  
03-13-07   09-22-09   08-31-10   01-24-12   03-04-14   02-03-15   01-26-16   08-23-16   03-21-17   09-19-17   05-15-18  

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