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Please enter the applicable date, before September 1, 2011 or on or after September 1, 2011, which indicates when you began participating in the Pension Plan. This may be different than the date you were hired. Enter your marital status. Enter the number of (whole) years of pension service credit in the "Years" field. Enter the number of additional months of pension service credit, if any, in the "Months" field. Enter your final monthly salary in whole dollars in the "Salary" field. Your benefit may be limited to 90% of the average of your last three years earnings. Enter your age (whole number) in the "Age at Retirement" field. Enter your spouse's age on the date you retire. Choose an optional settlement. Read the disclaimer and if you agree to its terms, click the "I AGREE" button to estimate your monthly pension benefit. Clicking the "I DISAGREE" button will return you to the home page.
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