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Bid Advertisement- Solicitation notices are available from the following sources:

· Each Tuesday, bid advertisements appear in the Legal Notices section of the El Paso Times.

· Solicitations are listed in the Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department, 1st Floor, City Hall, El Paso Texas.

· Solicitations are available for download on this Website on the page titled “Solicitations”

Bid Document Registration & Downloads - The Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department makes available online and at no charge to the public a complete listing of all formal bid documents and proposals (Please note construction bids are not available for download). We update the Formal Bid Downloads page daily. However, you will not be able to download any bid document or RFP from our website without properly signing-up and signing-in on this site.

POs - Purchase Orders: When bids are received they are analyzed, evaluated and a PO is issued to the successful bidder.

Formal Bids - Written solicitations exceeding $50,000 for goods and nonprofessional services: These bids are taken in accordance with State law. Bids are advertised for two consecutive weeks in the El Paso Times, then received by the City Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department on the advertised bid due date, opened and publicly read in the City Council Chambers. The City Director of Purchasing and user department recommends awards for formal bids to City Council. Most formal bids are awarded on the basis of lowest responsible bid. Variation on formal bids includes Best Value Procurement. Best Value Procurement allows for the award decision to be determined by considering factors other than price. Both of these approaches will follow the standard notifications process but vary in the manner for deciding on award.

Informal Bids - For some solicitations valued between $5,000, and $49,999.00 for goods and nonprofessional services: Purchasing makes informal solicitations for requirements exceeding department authority by facsimile. After bids are received, they are analyzed, evaluated and purchase orders are issued by the Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) - Request for Proposals are used to solicit equipment, goods, and services of a highly technical nature. As an example, the City will solicit requests for proposals for information processing equipment, software and hardware used in conjunction with information processing equipment, telecommunications, radio and microwave systems, electronic distributed control systems and technical services related to this equipment.

Construction - Projects involving construction and improvement to City facilities $50,000 and above. Sealed bids are taken in accordance with State law. Bid Bonds are required on all construction projects where the bid amount is above $50,000. Projects exceeding $25,000 require the successful bidder to submit a payment bond and performance bond in an amount equal to 100% of the contract price.

Procurement Card (PCard) - Some city employees carry a Visa Card for making immediate need and small dollar purchases for official city business. The PCard is used in lieu of petty cash or purchase orders.

Bid Opening - All formal bids and RFPs must be submitted by the specified due date and time, to the City Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department is located at 300 N. Campbell, 1st Floor, El Paso, Texas 79901.. It is extremely important to check the bid due date and time specified in each bid or proposal package. The City Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department will not accept late bids. Bids are opened and read publicly by the Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department each Wednesday commencing at 2:00 p.m., unless specified otherwise. The bid opening is held at City Council Chambers located at City Hall. This is a public meeting and anyone may attend.

Tabulations & Awards - The Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department makes bid tabulations available to the public after bids have been opened. You can search for bid tabulations by bid name or bid number on the Bid Tabs page. Copies of the tabulations may also be picked up or mailed or faxed upon a request to the Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department. For further information contact the Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department Bid Section at 915-212-1183.

Insurance & Indemnification - In the bid and/or proposal package, Insurance & Indemnification requirements are listed for each particular contract, including types of coverage and respective limits of liability. Prior to commencing any services or delivering goods on city property, proof of insurance must be provided to the Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department.

Payments & Invoicing - To complete the process for doing business with the City, you must invoice the City of El Paso for the goods and/or services rendered.

Terms of Payment - The City of El Paso payment policy states that payment is made within thirty (30) days after the City has approved the invoice or after the City has accepted the goods and/or services, whichever occurs later. However, in keeping with our policy to maintain good supplier relations, we always try to pay in a timely manner.

Invoicing - All invoices must be mailed to the department shown on the purchase order to avoid delays in payment. If you have payment problems contact the department's payables contact shown on the purchase order. Goods and/or services must be itemized as to quantity, part number, description and applicable discount. Invoices must show the department, division or section to which the goods and/or services were rendered. Do not forget to show the City of El Paso Purchase Order Number on your invoice. Also, to expedite payment, invoice exactly as shown on the purchase order. The City's automated purchasing and financial systems require a 3-way match of the purchase order, the receiver, and the invoice to complete a payment transaction.

Tax Exempt - The City of El Paso is Tax Exempt. Our Tax ID Number is 74-6000749. Do not include Federal Tax, State Tax, or City Tax on invoices or bids. The City will furnish a tax exemption certificate upon request.