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The following is a complete list of bid tabulations. Bid tabulations for individual solicitations can be found on the solicitation detail page. Bid tabulations will be available for download on Friday afternoon, the week of bid opening.

To view the bid tabs you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you may download the free program from the following address:

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Bid Tabulations
2022-0631 Oil/Water Separator Services Streets and Maintenance Department 2022-0631 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0617 On Call Median Maintenance-Streets and Maintenance 2022-0617 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0574 On Call Demolition - Capital Improvement 2022-0574 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0545R Psychological Examinations and Services – Fire Department 2022-0545R Psychological Examinations and Services - Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0525R I-10 Mitigation Transit Service Neighborhood and Express (Re-Bid) - Mass Transit (Sun Metro) 2022-0525R Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0524 Towing of Mass Transit Equipment (Re-Bid II) - Mass Transit (Sun Metro) 2022-0524 Bid Tab - Revised.pdf PDF document
2022-0508 Pebble Hills Blvd Airport Rd Vista del Sol Dr Arterial Lighting and Landscape Improvements 2022-0508 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0491R Stress Management for Firefighters – Fire Department 2022-0491R Stress Management for Firefighters - Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0472R Professional Underwriter Services – City Manager’s Office 1. 2022-0472R Professional Underwriter Services - Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0471R Ticket Vending Machines Validators and Back Office (Rebid) Mass Transit Sun Metro 2022-0471R Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0467 Security Guard Services – Mass Transit (Sun Metro) 2022-0467 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0466 Job Order Contracting: Single-Family Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation 2022-0466 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0455 Clint Landfill Breakroom 2022-0455 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0416 Bus Suspension Components - Sun Metro- Mass Transit 2022-0416 Bus suspension - Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0414 Vehicle Washing Services – Police Department 2022-0414 Vehicle Washing Services.pdf PDF document
2022-0412 Vending Machines (Re-Bid III) – Public Health 2022-0412 Vending Machines (Re-Bid III) - with S.pdf PDF document
2022-0411R Professional Municipal Advisory Services - City Manager’s Office 2022-0411R - Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0404R Transit Asset Management Plan Phase II - Mass Transit (Sun Metro) 2022-0404R Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0402 Canterbury Trail Improvements 2022-0402 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0401 South Central Streets Phase V - Capital Improvement 2022-0401 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0398 Schuster Avenue Reconstruction 2022-0398 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0391 Street Resurfacing 2022 2022-0391 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0377 Trowbridge Drive Improvements 2022-0377 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document
2022-0375 Janitorial Services – Police Facilities Streets and Maintenance Department 2022-0375 Bid Tab.pdf PDF document

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